Panasonic Air Conditioning in Dublin and Kildare controlled by TV

Panasonic Air Conditioning has made it easier to control the home environment by extending the IntesisHome control system to be integrated within its Smart VIERA TV range. This new control is available to all our customers who want Panasonic Air Conditioning in Dublin and Kildare. Main benefits include: • NEW IntesisHome control from any Panasonic […]

Possible ban on all HFC’s in Air Conditioning by 2020.

According to RSL Ireland, there is some big news coming from Brussels regarding the banning of HFCs. There is the possibility of a ban on any HFC with a GWP greater than 2150 between 2015 and 2017. This includes 404A, 422D, 417A, and 417B. There is also a possible total ban on all HFC’s  by […]

Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, Ireland and Global Warming

Refrigeration, Air Conditioning, Ireland and Global Warming

As we continue our series on the effects of refrigeration on the environment, it is wise to give an overview of Global Warming or Greenhouse effect. The Sun’s rays travel through space (which is a vacuum) more or less uninterrupted (except for hitting a few other particles). They have energy in the form of heat […]

Why R22 units need replacing in Ireland’s Air Conditioning systems

R22 is an Ozone Depleting Substance (ODS) according to the EPA . R22 units are those air conditioning systems which use the refrigerant R22 to pump the heat from inside a building to outside and vice versa.  Ozone-Depleting Substances (ODS) are chemicals that can damage the earth’s ozone layer if they escape into the upper […]

Air Conditioning and the F Gas Regulations in Ireland

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)   is responsible for Quantifying Ireland’s emissions of greenhouse gases in the context of our Kyoto commitments and in complying  with regulations controlling fluorinated greenhouse gases and ozone depleting substances.  The EC F-gas and ODS Regulations are European Regulations that are directly in force in all EU Member States. They came about […]

HCFC Phase Out and Replace Technology

This is the first in a series of Blogs on how the impending phase out of HCFCs will affect our air conditioning customers. This blog is for those who are looking to install a new system or to replace an existing system. For those installing a new air conditioning system there is nothing to worry about […]

Invertor Technology in Air Conditioning

I keep being asked why an Inverter Air Conditioning Unit is better than a standard fixed speed compressor type unit. The answer is that a compressor varies its speed to match the cooling or heating load and therefore consumes only the power necessary to match the exact requirement of the room. In other words the […]

Servicing helps prevent heating failures

During a maintenance visit to one of our clients this week, our engineer discovered that the circulating pump bearings, essential for the heating system, were failing. We were able to replace the pump ensuring a fully functioning heating system as winter approaches. This is why it is essential to carry out most of our heating […]