What We Do

Commercial and Domestic customers

Service partners of Mitshubishi Electric and Panasonic, experienced in all other manufacturers.

F-Gas trained and registered company.

Professional experienced installation service.

Over 40 years experience. 


Remove and Clean Filters

Clean Louvers and Vanes, coil condition, fan and scroll 

Check Electric and Wiring

Test Pump and Drains.

Clean Outdoor Coil

Check 4-way valve operation.

Test Compressor



Clean filters and strainers

Add Inhibitor

Check wiring and clectrics

Check Operating Temperatures

Check Flow Rates.

Examine Heat Exchanger

Test sensors

Test Heater/Immersion

Provide advice to major occupiers of commercial properties. 

Design facility management service and standards.

Air conditioning & Ventilation

Heating and Plumbing


Building works, painting and decorating. 

Roof repairs 

Latest News

Air Conditioning Calculator

Have you ever wondered what size Air conditioning units you need to heat or cool your office or are you unsure of the costs?

Our newly added air conditioning calculator can help answer these questions.

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Panasonic Server Room Solutions

Server room need optimal perfomance temperatures 24/7. Panasonic have developed a range of solutions to protect your servers with technological and mechanical advancements to sustain cool temperatures.

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