Mitsubishi 3D iSee Sensor Technology

Introducing Mitsubishi's new four way blow ceiling cassette within the popular Mr Slim range featuring the 3D I-See Sensor.

Mitsubishi have introduced a new four way blow ceiling cassette within its popular Mr Slim range that has an all new design feature, the 3D i-See Sensor.

This sensor gives optimal control over your air conditioning unit and it adapts to the environment in which it is installed, its ability to sense room occupancy allows the unit to adjust the airflow to increase comfort levels within the room.

The EA Series unit features a new square grille design and a host of new features and efficiency improvements. When combined with a Mr slim Power or Standard Inverter Unit, the new cassette offers some of the industry’s highest seasonal efficiencies and advanced control options, whilst also providing greater flexibility and ease of operation.

Should you wish to request a tailored quotation for one the Air Conditioning Industry’s top of the range units with substantial technological advancements to provide greater const effectiveness for your business, then do get in touch with us as we would be delighted to help!



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