Advantages of Mitsubishi Electric Multi Split Units

The Mitsubishi Electric Mr. Slim Multi split system is an ideal option for anyone in medium sized premises such as offices and shops, where two, three or four units are required, ducted (PEAD-RP), floor standing (PSA-RP), or wall mounted (PKA-RP) models can be connected to a single outdoor unit using twin, triple or quadruple multi distributor pipes.


A Multi split system differs from a normal system as a standard single split unit would include one indoor unit connected to an outdoor unit; the Multi-split system offers a number of indoor units either two, three or four units to one outdoor unit. Therefore saving energy and reducing running costs. An advantage of the using the multi split system is that you can have the same KW output but divided in a number of units installed to benefit from a more efficient air distribution throughout the room.

With a wide variety of indoor units to select, it is easy to choose the model for your building or the model best to suit the building decor. Another advantage of a Multi-Split system is it allows the user control units individually which means the ideal temperature is maintained throughout while ensuring running costs are kept as low as low as only rooms requiring air conditioning are switched on.

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