Dangers of Car Air Conditioning

Dangers of Car Air Conditioning

Car Air Conditioning includes F-gases which are a potential danger to the environment. These air conditioning units can be found also in buses and trucks and are designed to cool the vehicle for the comfort of the passengers on board.

An example of an F-gas is the gas type R134a which is a powerful greenhouse gas harmful to the environment. However not all vehicles use these type gases for an on board air conditioning system, other vehicles such as imported vehicles from outside the European Union use other gases to power their  mobile air conditioning systems, an example of this is the gas CFC 12 which is considered an Ozone depleting substance (ODS) another gas extremely hazardous to the environment.

These type gases are extremely harmful to the environment and if realised can have hazardous effects. The release of these gases into the atmosphere is prohibited however regulations do not require leak tests to be carried out on car air conditioning. If a vehicle has abnormal leakage signs it must be checked regularly and repaired before refilling the system.

A garage disposing of F-gases must use an authorised waste contractor to take the waste gas away for treatment. If the garage wishes to dispose of the gases independently they must use an authorised waste facility to do so. They must also possess a (PAN) Prior Annual Notification from the environmental protection agency (EPA) before the waste gas is removed.

For further information on the harmful effects of F-gases, leaking /damaged Mobile air conditioning units in vehicles or the disposal of these gases do not hesitate to contact Brendan Kealy at Auto Air (Vehicle Air Conditioning Specialists). Visit www.autoair.ie or contact Brendan on Tel: 01 825 0543/ 086 202 3523 E-mail: info@autoair.ie .

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