Introducing the Mitsubishi Jet Towel Hand Dryers

Introducing the Mitsubishi Jet Towel Hand Dryers

Mitsubishi’s innovative approach to hand drying:  reduced dry time, reduced noise, improved bathroom cleanliness, and created a sensation in bathroom.

 The Jet Towel Mini

When you need to make the most of small spaces

  Mitsubishi Jet Towel® Specifications

The Mitsubishi Jet Towel®

   Mitsubishi Jet Towel® Specifications

  On Comparing Traditional Hand Dryers and the Mitsubishi Jet Towel here are the findings:

Traditional Hand Dryers

The Mitsubishi Jet Towel®

Long Dry Time – 40 seconds Fast Dry Time – 10 seconds
High Energy Use – 31.9 watts Low Energy Use – 3.5 watts
Ineffective  – 2,300 watts Effective – 1,250 watts
Water Mess No Water Mess
Noisy Quiet
Unsanitary Air Sanitary Air
Contact (Push Button) Touchless


  • Dual Jet Hand Drying

As soon as hands fully enter the dryer, two jets of 235 mph air create a barrier that wipes water from hands as they are removed. A continuous 3” opening on three sides ensures that hands have ample room to enter from the side or above and warm 95° F air keeps hands comfortable throughout the drying experience.

How to Use the Mitsubishi Jet Towel®

  • Multiple Sensors for Maximum Comfort

The Jet Towel® employs two sensors, upper and lower, to trigger the air stream, a feature unique to the Jet Towel®. The bottom sensor initiatives the air stream only after hands are fully inserted into the hand dryer, preventing water drops from blowing up hands as they enter the air stream and the upper sensors stops air flow once hands have left the dryer, saving on power.

  • Dry Hands. Dry Floor

Other hand dryers spill water onto the floors and walls after drying, creating health and safety hazards. Keep your restrooms clean with the Mitsubishi Jet Towel.

Many other dryers match the dry time of the Jet Towel, but few provide the same level of cleanliness. Every Jet Towel features a drain tank to safely contain 800 uses worth of water for easy cleaning at the end of the day. Cleaning takes less than a minute and ensures consistent cleanliness throughout the day.

After washing, the average pair of hands is coated with 1 ml of water. An average restroom hand dryer (200 uses per day), then, removes 4/5 of a cup of water every day; water that other hand dryers spill onto the walls.

Water will run down the sides of the dryer and onto the floor, where evaporated water trails create prime conditions for mold and bacterial growth. As use increases, water damage and pooling on the floor becomes more severe that without frequent cleaning damage to walls and floors require frequent scrubbing to maintain a clean appearance and safe hand drying area.

  • Keep Your Environmental Footprint as Low as Your Bottom Line with the Mitsubishi Jet Towel® – The Most Earth-Friendly Hands-In Dryer – Saving the planet one restroom at a time.

There is no bigger challenge facing facility operators today than reducing their environmental impact. Aside from the significant cost savings, when the choice is made to install a Jet Towel® a statement is being made that less waste, less use of natural resources, and cleanliness are paramount to your operating mission.  One paper towel dispenser creates 1,800 pounds of paper waste each year, the equivalent of almost 1 ton of CO2 emissions.*

* Figure based on 200 uses per day and 365 days per year, with each uses taking 2 sheets of paper towels. CO2 emission calculated using the EPA’s carbon coefficient and’s embodied energy for paper towels.

The majority of impact from hand dryers derives from the electricity used in operations. Even at 1250 watts with the heater turned on, the Jet Towel® uses less electricity than other hands-in dryers. As no similar dryer offers heated air, a fairer comparison between the Jet Towel® and other dryers evaluates the Jet Towel® with the heater off, which uses only 730 watts. At this setting, the Jet Towel® is at minimum 40% more energy efficient than comparable dryers, making the best hand dryer for the environment hands down.

To find out how much paper waste your facility would reduce with the Jet Towel® or to change from a traditional hand dryer please contact us at Aherne Air Conditioning for more information.

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