Free R22 Replacement Survey for your Building

Free R22 Replacement Survey for your Building


As you are all aware in 2010 a directive was issued to all EU member states against the use of R22 in new refrigerant based air conditioning systems due to its Ozone Depleting Substance (according to the EPA).

As of January 1st 2015 an EU ban has already come into force banning all refrigerant repairs on equipment ( Air Conditioning Units) containing R22.

According to Environmental Protection Agency the following applies:

Note that although equipment containing R22 can continue to be used beyond 31 December 2014, there can be no maintenance or servicing carried out on the equipment that involves breaking into the refrigerant circuits.”

This means that we cannot fix any leak or break into the air conditioning system in any way without recovering and disposing of the R22.

We are offering a FREE no obligation R22 Replacement survey for your air conditioning systems in your building to discuss your options.

Please contact us to arrange your survey.


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