€1700 Air Conditioning Offer*

AAC.ie is proud to offer a fully installed air conditioning system for €1700. This offer includes supply and installation of a 2.0kW wall mounted room air conditioner complete with outdoor unit.

  • Air Conditioning is up to 4 times as efficient as oil or gas!
  • This unit has an energy consumption of only 0.65kW/h.
  • It costs less than 10c per hour to run!


Panasonic air conditioning system

Air conditioning system – installed for only €1,700

  • Wall Mounted
  • Slim and attractive
  • Remote Controlled-Timer-Thermostat
  • Suitable for Offices and Small Canteens
  • Suitable for Bedrooms or Sitting rooms
  • Provides Heating and Cooling
  • High Energy Efficiency
  • Low Running Costs
  • Allows for heating or cooling in a specific room

This 2kW wall mounted unit is suitable for an area of office or room space up to 20m².

Generally that office may have up to 4 people with PCs and a small printer/photocopier.

For a domestic application the unit is suitable for all rooms less than 20m² (Except Bathrooms).

The unit can be controlled by Smart Phone, iPad, or Computer.**

*See Terms and Conditions.
** The Interface for Intesis Home is available for this unit at a cost of €183.

Terms and Conditions

  • This offer is for a wall mounted unit 2kW
  • The kW heat/cool loading can be no greater than 2kW
  • Unit must be serviced in accordance with manufacturer instructions supplied with unit.
  • Indoor unit must have local socket 220V
  • Horizontal Distance between indoor and outdoor unit must be less than 10m
  • Add €70 for each additional meter in Horizontal distance
  • Vertical Distance between indoor and outdoor unit must be less than 5m
  • Outdoor unit must be suited in an accessible location for servicing
  • Price includes indoor infra-red remote controller
  • Includes Gravity drain. Therefore drain outlet must be lower than indoor
  • Drain run to be no longer that 5m
  • If pump is required then add €150
  • Manufacturer Warranty included Terms and Conditions apply (See Manufacturer)
  • Unit provides heating and cooling
  • Offer Valid for Dublin, Kildare, Meath, Louth and Wicklow only

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