Terms of Use

Prices quoted by the calculator are based on standard pipe run prices and may vary depending on engineer’s assessment. Prices quoted may also increase/decrease depending on factors which may include, but are not limited to, Area occupancy, Area Size, Area Design.

Prices quoted by the calculator do not constitute an offer on the part of AAC to carry out works at the price indicated.

Prices quoted on the calculator are strictly estimates. They are not exact and are for illustrative purposes only, again may vary depending on the engineer’s assessment.

Product Specification / Price may vary depending on assessment and various factors in the immediate environment.

Prices shown in the calculator may include additional charges and prices may vary depending on various factors.

Images shown in the calculator are for display purposes only and are not permitted to be used under any other circumstances.

Price quoted by the calculator may change for example if old equipment hinders performance/ installation of new equipment and therefore additional charges may be incurred.

The Calculator may give an estimate based on certain assumptions however if, for example, assumptions are not satisfied the work may not be carried out. E.G Work may not be undertaken if the structural integrity of the immediate environment does not meet regulations.

Warranty of the products displayed on the Calculator, including length of warranty, is strictly a matter for the relevant manufacturer and is not under any circumstances a matter for AAC.

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