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Panasonic L-Type Fault Codes

Moving on from our previous Panasonic fault code blogs, please find below the Panasonic L-Type Fault Codes codes which could occur with your Panasonic unit. These codes relate to the incorrect settings with the unit, we recently had a call out from one our clients to fix this issue, the technician was well equipped to deal with the […]

Mitsubishi Electric City Multi VRF Range

The Energy Efficient City Multi VRF Range  The City Multi range is Mitsubishi Electric’s answer to large scale (VRF’s) Variable refrigerant flow applications. With the latest research and technology the city multi is second to none and offers excellent seasonal energy efficiency, low running costs and reduced CO2 emissions. Suitable for medium to large scale buildings […]

Summer Air Conditioning in Dublin

Summer Air conditioning in Dublin Temperatures and great weather in Dublin are on the increase. They have risen steadily over the past few years to the soaring temperatures experienced by so many this summer. One certain way to experience the excellent weather while keeping cool is with the much needed addition of Air Conditioning from […]

The Mitsubishi Electric MELCloud App for your Air Conditioning

Mitsubishi Electric MEL Cloud WiFi adapter for your air conditioning unit. Smart solutions for flexible control of your air conditioning.  MELCloud is part of the new generation of cloud-based controls for air conditioning and heating systems. The MELCloud makes it easy for users to control their devices, even when they are traveling or lying on the couch […]

What Type of Air Conditioning to choose?

What Type of Air Conditioning Unit to choose?     You will see the different type of Air Conditioning units explained below:  Wall Mounted Air Conditioning Unit The main benefits of wall mounted air conditioners are cost savings and size. Wall mounted air conditioning units can be discreetly and aesthetically installed above doors or windows […]

Mitsubishi Electric Mr Slim – Wall Mounted Air Conditioning System

Mitsubishi Electric Mr Slim – Wall Mounted Air Conditioning System  This range of Power Inverter Air Conditioning Units offer customers high seasonal efficiency, advanced control options and quiet operation, whilst providing greater flexibility and ease of installation. The Mr Slim Wall Mounted Air Conditioning units have a new flat panel that provide a compact indoor […]

Mitsubishi Electric M Series – Wall Mounted and Floor Air Conditioning Units

Mitsubishi Electric M Series – Wall Mounted and Floor Air Conditioning Units Sophisticated, Silent and Economical Air Conditioning Advanced technologies, quiet operation, high performance… A multiple series line-up to choose from, each with various outstanding features. In addition to inverter-equipped models, constant-speed, floor-standing and cassette models can be selected. Choose the best series to match […]

€1700 Air Conditioning Offer*

AAC.ie is proud to offer a fully installed air conditioning system for €1700. This offer includes supply and installation of a 2.0kW wall mounted room air conditioner complete with outdoor unit. Air Conditioning is up to 4 times as efficient as oil or gas! This unit has an energy consumption of only 0.65kW/h. It costs […]