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Panasonic F-Type Fault Codes

Further to our previous three Panasonic fault code blogs, please find below the Panasonic F-Type Fault Codes codes which could occur with your Panasonic unit. These codes relate to the Sensor faults with the unit, which is an automatic sign that your unit is in need of a service,   Please note that if you do experience this […]

Panasonic C-Type Fault Codes

Panasonic C -Type Fault Codes In the event that your Panasonic unit displays any type of fault code, our blog is an excellent start towards diagnosing the issue with your unit. Below are the Panasonic C-type fault codes which relate to Central Controller Issues, which in the rare event that something does go wrong, you can […]

Mitsubishi Electric Fault Codes

Aherne Air Conditioning is delighted to be able to offer its customers access to Mitsubishi Electric Fault Codes to help you identify what might be wrong with your unit (in the unlikely event something does go wrong) If you experience an issue with your unit, don’t hesitate to contact www.aac.ie as soon as you notice […]

Advantages of Mitsubishi Electric Multi Split Units

The Mitsubishi Electric Mr. Slim Multi split system is an ideal option for anyone in medium sized premises such as offices and shops, where two, three or four units are required, ducted (PEAD-RP), floor standing (PSA-RP), or wall mounted (PKA-RP) models can be connected to a single outdoor unit using twin, triple or quadruple multi […]