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Panasonic C-Type Fault Codes

Panasonic C -Type Fault Codes In the event that your Panasonic unit displays any type of fault code, our blog is an excellent start towards diagnosing the issue with your unit. Below are the Panasonic C-type fault codes which relate to Central Controller Issues, which in the rare event that something does go wrong, you can […]

Dangers of Car Air Conditioning

Dangers of Car Air Conditioning Car Air Conditioning includes F-gases which are a potential danger to the environment. These air conditioning units can be found also in buses and trucks and are designed to cool the vehicle for the comfort of the passengers on board. An example of an F-gas is the gas type R134a […]

Free R22 Replacement Survey for your Building

R22 Phase Out Now Critical – Free R22 Replacement Survey for your Building It has been known that R22 will be phased out and Aherne Air Conditioning have been commenting on this for some time. We advised our customers that it was not necessary to change perfectly good systems as they could still be serviced […]

Air Conditioning and the F Gas Regulations in Ireland

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)   is responsible for Quantifying Ireland’s emissions of greenhouse gases in the context of our Kyoto commitments and in complying  with regulations controlling fluorinated greenhouse gases and ozone depleting substances.  The EC F-gas and ODS Regulations are European Regulations that are directly in force in all EU Member States. They came about […]