Heating & Plumbing

Our services include all aspects of plumbing and heating for all commercial clients. These range from the design and installation of a complete central heating system or a fully refurbished bathroom, to a leaking radiator or a troublesome tap. Most of our business is generated from personal recommendations and returning clients.

With modern gas and oil appliances it is now more important that the appliances be maintained and serviced correctly and on a regular basis. Our experienced technicians carry our servicing, breakdowns and repairs on gas, oil and solid fuel appliances. In addition to the safety issues a boiler in need of servicing may be working at less than optimum efficiency this could lead to the heating system not performing as required and adding to your heating bill.

Looking ahead, if you should have a project planned whether it be alterations to the heating system, a new boiler, air conditioning or renewable energy; we would be only too pleased to design, install and project manage the installation. We provide the following:

  • The Design and Installation of Gas and Oil Fired Heating Systems
  • We Service and Repair Gas and Oil Fired Boilers and Heaters
  • Gas Fired Water Heaters Installed Serviced and Repaired
  • Heating Control Upgrades
  • RGI and Oftec Registered
  • Design and Installation of Plumbing Systems
  • Water leaks Repaired
  • Copper, GB, Qualpex and UPVc