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HCFC Phase Out and Replace Technology

This is the first in a series of Blogs on how the impending phase out of HCFCs will affect our air conditioning customers. This blog is for those who are looking to install a new system or to replace an existing system. For those installing a new air conditioning system there is nothing to worry about […]

€1700 Air Conditioning Offer* is proud to offer a fully installed air conditioning system for €1700. This offer includes supply and installation of a 2.0kW wall mounted room air conditioner complete with outdoor unit. Air Conditioning is up to 4 times as efficient as oil or gas! This unit has an energy consumption of only 0.65kW/h. It costs […]

Invertor Technology in Air Conditioning

I keep being asked why an Inverter Air Conditioning Unit is better than a standard fixed speed compressor type unit. The answer is that a compressor varies its speed to match the cooling or heating load and therefore consumes only the power necessary to match the exact requirement of the room. In other words the […]

Servicing helps prevent heating failures

During a maintenance visit to one of our clients this week, our engineer discovered that the circulating pump bearings, essential for the heating system, were failing. We were able to replace the pump ensuring a fully functioning heating system as winter approaches. This is why it is essential to carry out most of our heating […]