Air Conditioning Calculator

Have you ever wondered what size Air conditioning units you need to heat or cool your office? Or have you ever thought about installing air conditioning in your office but you’re unsure of the costs? Our newly added air conditioning calculator can help answer these questions.


What does the calculator do?

The Calculator will enable you to enter the dimensions of the room, along with various factors that affect the temperature in the room. For example, the percentage of glass within the room, number of occupants in the room, the level of artificial light in the room and the number of devices and appliances in the room. All of these factors provide a more accurate estimate of the type and size of Air Conditioning you may need. However it is recommended that you get in contact with us if you’re unsure about your requirements and we will tailor a quotation to satisfy your needs!

This calculator has been introduced to provide people with an estimate of the average power needed for the specific room and along with a rough cost of the suitable recommended system.

If you would like to get in contact us to receive a free, tailored quotation to suit you or your business then you can contact our sales department by clicking here! Or drop us an email at!

Also we appreciate all feedback on your experience with the newly added calculator, please feel free to leave a comment in the contact us section in order for us to review and improve our service.

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