Leaking Indoor Air Conditioning Unit

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Leaking Air Conditioning Unit?

Sometimes water can be seen leaking from an indoor air conditioning unit. First of all it is important to explain that domestic and most commercial air conditioning systems do not contain water. It is not like a plumbing system.

The copper pipes carry a refrigerant between the indoor and outdoor unit. This refrigerant is a gas at normal temperature and pressure. The reason for water dripping is due to condensation. The heat exchanger on the air conditioning unit gets very cold. It needs to be because the air in the room that passes over it has to be cooled.

However as the warm air moves into the air conditioning unit it contains a lot of moisture due to the relative humidity. Basically warm air holds more water vapour than cold air. So when we cool the warm air suddenly as happens in the air conditioning unit, the water condenses.

That said, air conditioning units have a drain and these need to be kept clear. If they are not maintained dirt can block the drain. Once the drain blocks, the condensate will overflow and drip. To stop this from happening have your air conditioning unit serviced at least once a year. Check out what is involved in a service http://aac.ie/2015/05/what-is-an-air-conditioning-service/

Generally outdoor units drip water during the winter and for similar reasons above which we can discuss again.

To stop the water in an emergency, simply switch it off and the unit will stop dripping water,  unlike a burst pipe! And contact www.aac.ie asap.


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