Mitsubishi Electric Fault Codes

Aherne Air Conditioning is delighted to be able to offer its customers access to Mitsubishi Electric Fault Codes to help you identify what might be wrong with your unit (in the unlikely event something does go wrong)

If you experience an issue with your unit, don’t hesitate to contact as soon as you notice the problem. However sometimes it is useful to have the fault code to hand to help us deal with your query faster. We invite you to look at the indoor remote controller when the unit is experiencing difficulty. If the unit displays a Fault Code please tell us what that is and feel free to enter it in Here!

This is what you will see for error 4310

Fault code Lookup example

Fault code Lookup example

No matter what happens, never try to fix an air conditioning unit yourself as they contain controlled substances and electricity. When in doubt – call us out!

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