Panasonic’s Remote Controls Specially for Hotel Air Conditioning

Nº1 for hotel Air Conditioning Remote Controls

From this remote control you can operate the lighting, card contact, motion detector, window contact and the air conditioning are controlled.


Energy saving functions included on the device

  • Turns Off air conditioning and lighting when room is unoccupied
  • Disables air conditioning when window is open
  • Maximum/minimum set point air conditioning temperature configurable
  • Easy to install
  • Cost effective installation as all electrical cable are centralized on this remote
  • Architect inspired attractive design
  • Direct connection to the Indoor Air Conditioning unit with most of the functions of the indoor unit
  • 3 options available: Stand-Alone, Modbus or LonWorks communication
  • 2 frame colours: White and aluminum

Easy remote control

The hotel customer will have access to limited functions to control the air conditioning:  ON/OFF, Temperature (under a certain limit fixed during the start up) and Fan speed

Easy set up
Stand-Alone model with easy configuration menu to access all parameters. The installation is simplified as all the cables should arrive to the remote control. A pre-define scenario can be uploaded on the remote control connected to a computer to make installation on site plug and play (only on the Modbus and LonWorks models).

Various settings the Remote controller can manage


Control to integrate all hotel room needs in one device
Card switch. Heating and cooling control. Light control. Window control.

Possible to connect to Modbus.
1. Indoor air conditioning unit. Variable static pressure hide away
2. Room card switch*
3. Lighting control
4. Human sensor
5. Window contact*
* Field supply



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