Panasonic Launch New EcoNavi Sensor for Air Conditioning Systems

Panasonic Launch New EcoNavi Sensor for Air Conditioning Systems

Panasonic has launched the new Econavi sensor. Compatible with the PACi and ECOi ranges, the sensor adapts the function of air conditioning systems in order to improve comfort and maximise energy savings.

• Detects human activity and adjusts temperature by 2 degrees (up or down) to optimize comfort and efficiency.
• If there is no activity detected for a set time, the Econavi will stop the unit or move to a new temperature previously set.
• Modifies temperature output in real time depending on needs of room.
• Compatible with cassette, wall mounted, hide away and ceiling systems.

The Econavi detector has been carefully designed to maximise comfort levels, be it a hotel room, shop or meeting room. The sensor eliminates the need for physical adjustment in order to control the temperature of a room, instead automatically adjusting the temperature of a room depending on a series of factors. These include: human activity (presence or absence), high or low level of movement and the outdoor temperature.

The sensor works in real time to detect human activity within a room. With ultimate precision, the detector will work with the air conditioning system to adjust temperatures and energy output accordingly, saving energy costs and efficiency. The automatic detection of an empty room will shut down the entire air conditioning system, reducing wasted heat and energy levels.

If human activity levels are high, the Econavi sensor will consider human heat, adjusting the air conditioning system to reduce the heat output and instead set a cooler temperature. This also works in reverse, detecting low level activity and increasing the temperature by one degree every two minutes. If the area is absent for 20 minutes, the temperature will reduce by +/- two degrees until the natural room temperature is acquired. After three hours the system will automatically turn itself of. This real time function means the detector is constantly adjusting for ideal temperature and energy output.

The Econavi sensor is ideal for air conditioning systems located in a variety of applications. For hotels, if the guest forgets to turn the air conditioning system off when they leave the room, the Econavi will detect and take action. For a busy shop, the Econavi will increase the air flow, improving comfort. When the shop floor is quiet, the Econavi will reduce the air conditioning leading to increased savings for the store owner.
For office applications, in an unoccupied meeting room, Econavi will turn off the air conditioning. Once the room becomes occupied, the sensor will increase the air flow to create a more comfortable environment.

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