Panasonic Air Conditioning in Dublin and Kildare controlled by TV

Panasonic Air Conditioning has made it easier to control the home environment by extending the IntesisHome control system to be integrated within its Smart VIERA TV range. This new control is available to all our customers who want Panasonic Air Conditioning in Dublin and Kildare.

Main benefits include:
• NEW IntesisHome control from any Panasonic Smart VIERA TV
• Control the heating and cooling system from the TV’s supporting HTMLs
• Monitor the home’s energy consumption
• Calendar function allows scheduling of heating and cooling cycles
• No more hunting for the missing remote controller
• Compatible with all Smart VIERA TVs from Panasonic

Now as well as having the option to use an iPad, iPhone, any Android device or simply a PC with Internet access to control your heat pump or air conditioning systems, homeowners can operate it through their Smart TV. The IntesisHome control app has been integrated with the TV to provide homeowners the ultimate in home control.

Marc Diaz, UK Country Manager of Panasonic Air Conditioning explains: “Our range of connectivity options represent a substantial improvement in the user’s experience in control of HVAC systems from Panasonic Air Conditioning. With the IntesisHome webpage being able to work with HTML5, the program is compatible with all the Smart TVs currently available from Panasonic. From anywhere in the world, users can now easily and intuitively (without the need for specific technical knowledge) turn the system on or off, set specific temperatures for each room through a simple touch of a button.”

IntesisHome connectivity options are fully compatible with the Panasonic PACi, ECOi, Aquarea and Etherea PKE ranges.

IntesisHome control allows a wide variety of control functions, including Start/Stop; Mode Operation; Set Temperature and Room Temperature. It also enables the user to schedule heating and cooling cycles, and contains energy-saving functions through pre-set configurations. Many households nowadays want to keep track of their expenses, and with IntesisHome control it is now possible to get accurate readings for your heating and cooling system’s energy consumption. It also gives important maintenance reminders to the householder, including dirty air filter alerts, error alerts and contacts for Panasonic’s technical service network.