HCFC Phase Out and Replace Technology

This is the first in a series of Blogs on how the impending phase out of HCFCs will affect our air conditioning customers. This blog is for those who are looking to install a new system or to replace an existing system.

For those installing a new air conditioning system there is nothing to worry about as any system supplied by aac.ie will use a compliant refrigerant (R410a). For those replacing a system due to failure, there is good news.


Mitsubishi Electric has developed a system which allows us to Re-use the existing pipework which saves money. In general the upgrading of existing R22 systems to modern R410a systems has been difficult. This is because the existing pipe work would either have to be replaced, or cleaned with dedicated specialist equipment. These actions were necessary as the chlorine residue from R22 system pipework caused chemical reactions with the lubricating oils used in the HFC compressors causing system failures.


The M Series*2 & Mr Slim ranges incorporate ‘Replace Technology’ to allow the upgrade of systems using existing pipe work, without the need to apply any special cleaning machines.

M Series, S Series, Power Inverter (35/50) and Standard Inverter (100/125/140) utilise Ether oil or the Mitsubishi Electric patented Hard Alkyl Benzene (HAB) oil, a unique oil that is more tolerant of contamination. By combining these oils with developments in oil separator technology it is possible for these models to use existing pipework without any special operations.

 All other Mr Slim models use a friction reduction “Heat Caulking” method, whereby friction inside the scroll compressor is reduced by coating the edge of the blade, thereby suppressing the increase in temperature that causes refrigerant oil deterioration.



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